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We aim to provide a one stop shop for all your pet jellyfish needs, whether you're a current jellyfish owner who just needs to stock up on food, or someone looking to get started with a brand new tank.

About us

We provide the Unique Cherry Aquariums LTD. range of Jellyfish products, who are renowned as the leading manufacturer of tanks and accessories. We offer live jellyfish delivery guarantee and warranty on all of our tanks.

While owning a Jellyfish might sound daunting, we want people to realise that in reality it's no different to owning any other fish. Jellies do not have brain and they do not realize, if they are in your home aquarium, or in the ocean. We offer most animal friendly setups on the market.

With our range of Jellyfish products, we hope to inspire and allow you to have your own pet jellyfish at home - while prices may have been sky high in recent years, with the development of more affordable tanks, it's now possible for anyone to own jellyfish as a pet, and enjoy their free movement and relaxing energy

Our unique jellyfish tanks and live jellyfish in action!

Easy to care for stunning to look at

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Discover a World of Wonder

Dive into our mesmerizing collection of jellyfish and jellyfish aquariums.

From ethereal Moon Jellies to the vibrant hues of Pacific Sea Nettles, explore a curated selection of stunning jellyfish species and intricately designed aquariums. Let the magic of jellyfish inspire you as you embark on your aquatic journey.

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Be unique

Enter the enchanting world of jellyfish and let it engulf you. Beautifully pulsating jellyfish can calm you down not only after a hard day at work.

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Specially designed aquariums

Our aquariums provide the perfect living conditions for jellyfish and impress you with their design.

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Do not be afraid

Caring of jellyfish is very easy. All your jellyfish needs is an occasional water change and feeding.

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